Our Unique Concept is Proven to Work

It is easier to sell a branded business than an independent local business. Branding creates awareness and recognition. Customers know what to expect and what they are going to get.

We don’t tell you how to run your business. We show you exactly how we run Great American Pizza, and given our years of being in the pizza business our operations are made to work to get the best return on your investment.

We make many optional programs available for payroll, point of sale system, equipment leasing, insurance, credit, and gift cards. We offer marketing programs such as Social Media, Print, Radio, and Online Ordering. We even have a Great American Pizza App.


3 decades in the pizza business gives us the experience to help you build your business from the ground up


Pastas are a great addition to your line of pizza products, with customers wanting more variety now than ever before


Salads provide another option for your customers so they don't have to debate on where else to go

Why Us, Why Now

Times are changing faster than ever. From Vendors buying up their competition to be able to control markets and raise prices, to big corporate pizzas hitting us all with slimmer margins. The customer wants to order fast and simple, which we have the technology for!

Our Model is set up to Support You to be Successful.

Payroll Processing

Our payroll program will do your bi-weekly payroll.

Credit Card Acceptance

Our large national credit card processor provides very low rates and gift cards.

Point Of Sale Equipment

The Revention System, the number one point of sale system in the industry.


Complete insurance for your bakery operation and facilities.

Equipment With Lease Or Purchase

“No hassle” leasing for your new equipment needs with varying lengths.

Marketing Support

Color coupon inserts, point of sale posters, social media and web site support.

Great Tasty Recipes

Attract customers with tasty recipes and an extensive menu.

Sound Business Model

A proven business model with all the administration components set up.

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